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Romances for String (Section 2)

Lethe in Amerika (II)

At the crossroads
West of Hannover
Lies Lethe’s mighty water
Red with blood of yesterday
Remembered not for slaughter

Thousands weep, and yet they mourn
For Skulander’s decree
That stops the world in ignorance
As late begins the dawn

At the crossroads
North of Madison
Our destiny is full
As Bessus runs, Iskander wakes
As Red becomes the Bull.

13.09.03 = 15

And So, We Play

On the old land
Another knew,
When he was young

The Weeping of the Autumn

Grounded here
As summer has refused retreat
The wind is fond on flesh
And I am weary.

(undated, 2003)

Darmstadt, 7 März, 2004

I am here,once again
In the place I can’t remain
Abroad, refrained
For here, I am restrained

America has claimed again
My soul,
My heart is torn asunder
Emotions have grown cold,

Here, I cannot stay
My spirit bides its time
This haven is not yet
The home I cannot have
This heaven, not yet mine.

Darmstadt Staatstheater

Basileus, Reduced

The world inside the world
Inside the world within my head
Recursively reveal to me the hosts of living dead;
Am I the Muse to these
Dwellers on the Atlantean threshold?
I cringe, my courage fails me soon
And I am weak.

Messiach! I am not a host to the pervid Dark!
Release me and lend strength to fight
The weakness of the Stark;
I must Defender be,
The youth, undaunted,
Laureled, free..
Undefeated, by Apollo's grace
As I was meant to be.


The Last Day of June

It has been writ
The gathering storm impends
I am unloosed
Unchartered, and reduced

Remused, by Profligate
Whose sweetness is his Song
I will not be used to late be wrong.

My other self, my Florestan
My Love,
Has drawn me into Love
My Liebling has his Shoe been tied
And thus I am reMaid

He is my Spade
I am abrim with hot Desire
To be TraYde.

Upon the marriage of the Twins


Profligate (II)

Thou teaseth me
The tongue that bids Awareness speak
Returns to me.
Long did I see the sign of Thy return.
Long did I wait

Oh Goodness, Power, Strength
You are all of these
My joy is made complete
By twos and threes.


16-Mai 2004

The Order of the New

We go forth
The Two of light
Unshadowed by the Darkness
We are shorn
Of lightless waste
My Profligate is Borne

He comes, Enlightening
My Brightest wife
A sprite newborn
My Bane,

The Spring has come
The Autumn is the Dane.
I am reMayned.


And long I wept, alone
For Rachael and her children
And long I wept, an innocent abroad
And for the thousand tongues
That would not speak
And for the thousand Strong
Who would not serve the Weak

And for the million Wrong
Who would not serve
The Meek.

Neu Providenz

And so, we three,

The righteous and the True
Are fast transformed
And rendered clear and Rhu

They are weak
Yet we, the Strong and willful sons
Will not repent

The Sons of Shame
Will rise,
Obsessed with lust and life

They are Reprised.

Neu Providenz

The Sons of Perdition (II)

For horrid as our Fall were true
As glorious, our resurrection
We humbled, wrecked
And broken men
The angels of the New

So glorious our Son is risen
And today, may not Refuse
Would Christ in Galilee, refuse?
I am here to be the Harbinger
I am here to be reused

My million lost, my little ones
My pride
I sing to you of Innocence denied,
I will not deny you Grace
It was ne’er denied to me
When I was in Disgrace.



My goat is slain
Let all the world be saved
By Azazel,

Mizraim will soon be joined
In peace, in joy, and restoration

All nations will be swept away
By One
For this our Lord will grant us
A kinder sort of Gun,
Till we are Donne.

Let it be won.

Upon the restoration of his Might
14 Elaphebolion

Für Laura
Vom Papa

Von Dir, Herr
Für Ihre Hilfe

When ich, dein Hilfe hab gebietet
Fragte ich Neu
Habe ich Frei geworden,

in die Kirche

Psalm 30:05

For as we speak
Our love is predicate with Power
Release me unto Grace
For this lately sacred Hour.


Call us Strength
Call us Sons, together
Saved and fast-redeemed
We are now Holy
Call us back
Into the strength
Of God.


Prometheus, Released

In Honor, bound
The gentleman, the Angel
That I fast confound
We are new-Met
We are from Eleusis reformed
Without our old regret

Release him whole
Into the arms
Of one who cannot rest
Until released from this
His bloody tower.

For N.A.
Im Tempel

3:20 a.m.


Their hearts are full,
Their wisdom, undemanding
Our vision is too true
For this much
Too-holy Peace.


The Clock

Has chimed to stillness
Our Savior is unscathed
Repentant, shorn and unmolested
Charmed by He
The Prince who serves
In Bliss.

Give us Time
To prove the Love
Of those now True
Repentant, by your tears
That Mercy
That was never mine to take
Let the Light
Be Lucid on the Lake.

Psalm 6:5

Return to me,
My child, my beloved
My holy one
My Light and Love,
And give your Gift
To those above.

For Ludwig
Upon performance of his Sonata


Stay by me
Your pleasure in the holy fount of pain
Delight in pleasure undemanding
Slighted by pollution
Of your stain.

You have much to do
My blessed one, forgiven
By the sin that you could never do,

She lied,
And lying still, the Body
Will be still.

R. Schumann
To J.B.



And darker deeds
Are done this day
In the name of Thee
In the name of He
In the name of He
The Harbinger

I am He
The Angel who decrees
And I am She.


The Turning of the Tide
Solstice 2004

I wake, alone
Percipient in power
And am rejoined
By they who know
And they who are enjoined,

Be with me, children
Passionate and bright
We are all of us, unholy,
There are none unstained
And none denied the Light

This my God, decrees
I am the Angel
Of the Trees,



Sleepers, Wake

We are come
The Three
Unto the shrine invisible
The sword is raised
To drink and slake
That Death decreed
Who sleep and wake

And what shall we become
The three to whom
All blessings make?
And what to do
The thousand meek
Who ever quake?

What shall we become
When Dreamers do not sleep
And sleepers do not wake?

20 June 04
Neu Providenz

The Weary Hour

Give strength to me
In this lately-sacred hour,
Give rest to all who wake and weep,
Grant me joy, Eheyah,
So that I may wake
And sleep.

R.S. aufgestanden

The Devil in the Whippanong

It was Complete
The fast and hot Creation
I could greet
I was fulfilled
And when the day of Madness came
My corpse was stilled.

My passion is discreet
My love is with me now
And is replete.

Surrounding me,
The New
The youthful and the trusting
And the Knill
My Sons are with me now
And Shrilled
They will be Killed.



Let there be rain
Upon the remnants of the Tower
Where secretive
My Love is made Discreet
I am Awake
The table has been Lade
And is refreet

Go, and do not stay
I cannot convince you
Once your face is turned away;
My love is lost,
In State,
My Baltimore is Lyon
Lyon’s great

Anais will come too soon
And Bangalore will loom too great.


the Tower

Thy Will Be Done

My eyes are black
With vision of the hour
As Raphael is late enjoined
Then Michael takes the Tower.

Let all the earth
Precipitate Your power
Let all the meek
In humble meditation
See the desperation
Of the hour,
We need,
And those unworthy
Give the Lord their power
We are weak
We together
Hold all strength
And power.


Life In the Mind

Eusebius is waked
My shoes, untied
Are incarnate, are other Weise
I am lately wise
With the lace of sandals
Still undone,

I am unDonne
I am Johanni
One, and strife
I am Too Young,
To be the elder
Of the wife.

Take my sacrifice
Let the weak, imprisoned
Toss the dice.


Heaven Borne

Do not despair
We are wounded
Brokenhearted, stained
Cast beneath the Mountain
In our Bane

We are the Slaine
And after all the Dead are done
We shall remain.

11.07.04 Whippany
15.07.04 over Madoc

enroute to Seattle, 15 July 2004

I spent the time napping. Hard reading the 70 pages into which I poured the pain of Altestier. It is a fascinating, horrifying, sexual and unprecedented book. A morbid and necessary, cruel yet frank counterpoint to the Mad Composer. For who wrote that one? Eusebius? And this one - Florestan? I cannot say. The pen that wrote the Körperfantasie also wrote the Kinderscenen. It is the goodness and the wickedness of me. The erotic longing that I fled so assiduously. Could anyone read it and not be in some way, enraged? No, this I doubt.
I did not write it to enrage them. I wrote it to explain why I am, and am apart. So many years my life has followed a petulant repetition of this path, and as I groped helplessly back toward my piano, in blind need of it, my tombstone also beckoned. Ironic also that I have created of my long maligned shade, a figure of tormented comedy. There is a dark, mordant comedy in me. That is because there is in me that which is of Böse.

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